Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sore loser

I'm going to be a little cautious about what I say here, but Respect should be very careful about petitioning for an election court to be held to consider the result in the Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath constituency. They should be certain that there are no skeletons in their own cupboard.

I'm sure that the court will be interested to hear of the Respect supporters (and the Liberal Democrat councillor) who were ejected from polling stations for being there without permission.

I say this because I've seen the figures for the count at ward level. The area of the constituency that contains a large chunk of the new Bordesley Green ward turned out massively for Respect in both the ballot box vote and the postal vote.

Once you start getting the drains up, you never know what you might find.


Radders said...

Postal votes weren't counted, tallied or in any way treated by ward, so you can't know how BG ward voted. Unless you know through some other way?

But I agree that Respect should be absolutely certain of their skeletons first.

PoliticalHack said...

Political parties sample the votes as they are being counted - all entirely legal and above board. From the sampling results I've seen, the Bordesley/Small Heath went Respect.

Radders said...

But the postal votes can't be sampled by ward. Only the ballot boxes on the night of the count.
No one from Labour was there to sample the Sparkbrook & Small Heath postal votes either (only person taking interest was the Respect agent).

PoliticalHack said...

My mistake - I misread your comment and missed out the postal votes bit. My assumption about that is on the ballot box vote and hearsay reports from those who were present (not from inside the Labour Party).

Additionally, the majority that the MP produced seems to have come from ballot box votes - based upon the sampling, so I would assume that most postals went Respect.

Incidentally - my sympathies to you as an election agent - a thankless task that if you get wrong can land you in court.