Saturday, June 18, 2005


Dear God. Has it come to this?

John Hemming is not some cheerful Robin Askwith character in 'Confessions of a Councillor.' He's supposed to be a serious political figure - he was the Deputy Leader of the largest local authority in Western Europe, for God's sake. The people of Yardley elected him to represent them - a touch of humility and shame isn't inappropriate here. Cheerfully describing himself as 'Superstud' doesn't cut it. We learn in the paper of record that is the News of the Screws World that he intends to stay involved with both women.

I simply ask you to consider the opprobrium heaped upon Kimberley Quinn and ask you what your instinctive reaction would be to a woman who had (allegedly) worked through 26 lovers in 19 years (not including her partner). If you would view her and John in the same light, all praise to you - but I'm afraid the battle for sexual equality is still being fought.

I note again that John denies that specific number. For all we know, it could be higher. Cheating on your wife is nothing to be proud of. It isn't a resigning issue, but shut up about it - you're starting to look like an egotistical fool.


john said...

First time you've called me a "serious political figure"

PoliticalHack said...

Actually, no.

I would contend that a senior councillor, past leader of his group, deputy leader of a large local authority and now an MP is supposed to be a serious political figure.

I await proof of that theory.

Anonymous said...

what do you mean "starting to"?