Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Sutton Coldfield Question... again

Bob Piper spotted this detail...
It has prompted one city councillor to write to all ten of Birmingham's MPs
The councillor in question is a Tory, so can be forgiven for not being able to add up, but you would have thought that a friend could have loaned him a finger to count to 11, which is the number of MPs in Birmingham. Whatever anyone else may say, there remain eleven MPs within the Birmingham City Council boundary. Plans may be afoot to allow Sutton Coldfield to declare UDI, but we can't ignore it, like an embarrassing relative. Perhaps Reg is just reading too much Liberal Democrat propaganda.

And he's right, by the way - we do need to invest more in youth services. We also need to invest more in adult education by the look of it as well.

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