Monday, June 06, 2005

The Tories and Lib Dems get their way

So farewell then, Lin Homer, chief executive of Birmingham City Council, who has decided to leave for a career in the civil service rather than face another couple of years with the Tories and Liberal Democrats undermining her.

If any of you doubt how bad it was, consider that she has left the City Council for a job running the Immigration & Nationality Directorate at the Home Office.

Ouch. Frying pans and fire spring to mind.

As Zoe Hopkins points out, neither the leader or the deputy leader deigned to comment on her departure to the press, that was left to a backbench councillor who said that:
'I am very pleased for Lin Homer. It is obviously good news for the city that the Home Office think she is so good that they have headhunted her to deal with the nation's asylum problems.'

Good news in the sense that we now have to find another chief executive - it took over a year to find the last one.

Coincidentally, the official press release which has now been posted on the council website (after the press got hold of the story) includes the following lines:
'Deputy Leader, Cllr Paul Tilsley, said: The fact that Lin has been headhunted by the Home Office to lead one of the highest profile Directorates within Government, is a great compliment to the City’s original selection of the Chief Executive.'
Great minds think alike? Or is somebody pulling his strings?

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