Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Are they related?

These part-time Liberal Democrat MP/councillors are just trouble, aren't they?

Problems have kicked off in Rochdale, where Paul Rowen MP hangs grimly on to his council seat and the chair of the strategic partnership committee, despite having problems doing both jobs at once, as he has yet to grasp the basics of omnipotence. Here's Paul's comments about the Labour leader of the council, Allen Brett:
This is a real cheek coming from Paypacket Brett. He is deputy leader of Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority, as well as leader of the council, so I would ask whether he was able to do both.
Now, 'Paypacket' picks up around £28,000 for the privilege of leading Rochdale council, plus a sum for his work with the PTA. I rather doubt that this competes with the £58,000 that Paul collects as an MP in addition to his £7,000 council allowance, so perhaps the epithet is attached to the wrong councillor. It is also fair to say that representing your council on the local passenger transport authority is a rather different ball game to being an MP.

Curiously, The Public Whip reports that Paul and our own John H have identical voting records, both making just 60% of votes in the Commons. Sadly, Paul can only muster a measly 1 written question, as against John's magnificent 89 - almost £12,000 worth in just over two months.

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