Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Chatshow under pressure

It could be wishful thinking, but the by-election specialists at the Liberal Democrats may just be looking defeat in the face in Cheadle. With the polls opening on Thursday, the possibility of losing is on the cards and the Tories are throwing their full weight into the campaign. It would be the Tories' first by-election gain in over two decades, but would only add to the increasing clamour for Chuckie Kennedy to step aside for a stronger candidate, not helped by the announcement by a former member of the party's national executive who has announced that he is quitting the party over Charlie's 'lamentable performance.' Donnachadh McCarthy said
'There is a wide, wide-open door for a progressive centre-left party that is liberal and exciting and committed to the environment. Kennedy just sits there looking at the door swinging in the wind.'
Sticking his head above the parapet is MP Alistair Carmichael,
Does he have a wonderful grasp of what is the detail of policy? Probably not.
..before swiftly adding that Charlie is, of course, the best leader at the moment.

Still the whispering campaign goes on, with someone briefing the Observer that a defeat could be trouble for the quiz-show panellist/party leader. 'Shark' Hughes and 'The Merciless' Campbell are both lying in wait for the troubled Charlie.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reminder to those in Cheadle.Vote Labour get Tory!