Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'm not scared

Well, actually I was a little nervous.

I know that it is wholly irrational and that millions of Londoners use the Tube every day because they have to. That's the truth about 'defying the terrorists' - we aren't being brave, we just need to get on with our lives. We still need to get to work or go shopping or do any one of the hundreds of things that make up our ordinary lives and so it was that I had to head down to Westminster again this week. My wife and my mother were both nervous, so I had promise to ring them as soon as I was back on the train northbound again. Ironically, given that a man was arrested yards from where we do our grocery shopping, I was probably safer on the train than in the queue at Asda, but I digress.

Things were as busy as always, although London Underground were everywhere and very visible. On the streets, every other person that passed me seemed to be wearing a hi-visibility jacket and at least a third of them were carrying MP5 sub-machine guns. A different world to the one I walked through only a few weeks ago. People on the trains were that much more alert than usual and young Asian men carrying rucksacks did get some odd looks. As I came up the escalators back towards Euston, there were a couple of them with backpacks on the next escalator along. At the top was a police officer with his sniffer dog and he quite openly directed the dog to sniff around at their luggage - I just hope that they understand why.

I can't think of an alternative to this temporary police state that we're forced to live in at the moment, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. It wasn't until I got home that my wife told me that my young sons had been worried all day about 'Daddy going where the bombs were.' That's not how two boys should have to live.

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