Thursday, August 11, 2005

Can I quote you on that?

Googling around last night, I found the following reminder of John Hemming's glorious business background.

Liz Lynne, the Liberal Democrat MEP gave her views on the Phoenix/Rover deal:
'This is the best possible outcome both for the tens of thousands of workers whose jobs are now safe at least for the medium term, and for the economic health of the region’s manufacturing and engineering heartland.'

She went on to describe John's leadership as 'inspiring' (note that he is described in this PR puff as having founded the Phoenix consortium and played a key role in securing the deal with BMW) and concluded with the prescient comment that
'The Phoenix proposal is based on sound business principles'


Lest we forget, Indymedia has provided a handy archive reminding us that the Yardley Liberal Democrat webpage trumpeted John's involvement in 'saving' Rover right up until Rover went under. Then, they reversed tack faster than an Olympic yacht. Perhaps they didn't want to be reminded that '[John] Towers acknowledged Hemming's help' and that 'John [Hemming] proved to be a man of honour.'

I do hope that the chief architect of the Phoenix deal and (as he keeps reminding us) a multi-millionaire businessman has given generously to the trust fund set up to help the former workers.

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