Monday, August 22, 2005

Monkey shine

From Media Monkey in the Guardian (registration may be required):
'After all the fuss about Tony Blair's summer holiday in, er... you know where, it's illuminating to refer back to the Number 10 website, for the daily press briefing on July 26. "Asked where the Prime Minister was holidaying this summer, the prime minister's spokesman (PMS) said that he was in Barbados, having arrived there last night," the website reports. "Asked for how long the prime minister would be away, the PMS said that it wasn't our policy to comment on the prime minister's travel schedule." Er, you kinda let the cat out of the bag there, guys.'
Cracking story - embarrasses PMOS no end.


The briefing to which they refer took place in July 2004. Last year. Not 2005. PMOS hasn't shattered the secrecy then in place around the PM's holiday destination.

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