Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thanks for that.

From the Liberal Democrats news pages:
Mark Oaten MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, responding to the rise in religious hate crimes since 7th July, said:
"These attacks are totally unacceptable in the Britain of 2005. We cannot allow this mindless violence to disrupt our communities at a time when we should be coming together to tackle extremism of all kinds."
Thanks for that Mark. Glad we cleared up that little issue, because I wasn't sure for a minute. If I didn't have your guidance, I might think that it is perfectly OK to torch the odd mosque here and there.



Rob said...

Also, from the way his statement is composed, in sounds like they were acceptable in the Britain of some other year ...

Anonymous said...

Mark Oaten is merely typical of the left-liberal political ruling class.It seems to have escaped his notice that some fifty six innocent people were murdered on 7/7 in his country.
It would be more seemly for him to point out that "those attacks were totally unacceptable, and we could not allow that mindless violence to disrupt our communities, and we should be coming together to tackle extremism of that kind".
A full analysis of the "rise in religious hate crimes" he complains so bitterly about, pales in comparison to the 56 murders carried out by islamists. Most of the hate crimes appear to have been little more than verbal assaults.

Anonymous said...

Verbal assaults that were completely uncalled for.Extremism will not be stopped without the support and help of the Muslim community.

Anonymous said...

Indeedy,I don't know where we would be without the Lib Dems pointing out the bleddin' obvious.

Manfarang said...

I do.Similar to a place called Northern Ireland.