Thursday, August 04, 2005

Welcome to the Silly Season

Chuckie Kennedy has rewarded that bunch of schemers comprising the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary party with a number of not very prestigious jobs as spokesmen on various issues. Barely a week after making his maiden speech, the new MP for Cheadle, Mark Hunter, is appointed a spokesman on community and local government. As he was leader of Stockport council, that seems to be a fair use of his talents. Quite how he will feel working with the prodigious talent that is Sarah Teather with her massive experience of local government (12 months on Islington) is unclear, but he'll probably be glad that Charlie had heard of him.

Amazingly, Charlie has found 52 posts to fill, but even with just 62 MPs, he still has to get some wearing more than one hat - Sir Robert Smith MP has to look after three jobs as deputy chief whip, spokesman on the DTI and on energy. Our local star Lorely Burt gets to assist the asteroid-spotting Lembit 'Anagram' Opik in minding the Northern Ireland and Welsh brief, but of our other local Libidinal Democrat, there is no sign.

He's amongst the 14 MPs who aren't on the list to talk to the Today programme at the drop of a hat. Of course, he will point out that he specifically asked not to be given any responsibilities - a request to which Charlie wisely acceded. As that request came just before John H and Emily decided to out themselves as Birmingham's answer to Jude and Sienna, it looks strangely prescient. Local government or IT would both seem to be within John's sphere of interest and experience, but sadly neither came his way. He could just be keeping his own counsel and waiting to see how the chips for fall for Chatshow over the next year or so, ensuring that he is well placed when Charlie's successor takes the helm.


Bob Piper said...

Presumably, if they boot him out as Chair of the Strategic Partnership, that will be the end of that excuse.

john said...

I will have to find another one then.