Friday, September 23, 2005

Disgraceful behaviour from the LibDems

Chuckles laid into those who have been briefing against him recently...

'so full of themselves that they also think they're full of better ideas about leadership. Take it from me, how I led the party for the last six years, based on experience, is a sensible, genuine, mature way of leading the party..'
No names, no pack drill from Chatshow. Lord Greaves was a little more forthcoming and criticised the 'disgrace' of one or two unnamed MPs

'briefing against our leader ... what I say to the people who run this party: find out who these people are and serve an Asbo on them.'
Who could he mean?

This has to be some kind of record. Within six months of getting to Westminster, John's managed to alienate a large chunk of the national party. It took him a few years to do that in Birmingham, so he's obviously worked on his technique. He comes out fighting on his blog, though...

There is a report that Kennedy's Aides have indicated that I have no experience. The question is experience of what. I suppose I only have 22 years experience of running things including having taken part in running the largest local authority in the country as well as a number of commercial enterprises.
His experience of running the largest local authority in the country only extends to a few months as Mike Whitless' teaboy, really. Other than that, he's just been the leader of a loose group of Liberal Democrats. What John hasn't got is any experience of national politics and that's what he needs to stand any hope of getting the top job. He's not going to get any experience of the front bench, though, not after the way he's fought the leadership and the 'young Turks' currently guiding policy in the LDs. Unless Charlie decides that the best thing to do is to follow LBJ's view of J Edgar Hoover - that it was better to have him inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in - he's not going to thank John with a front-bench post. Perhaps that was the idea all along - force the leadership to impose the discipline of the front bench upon him.

Sadly for him, although he is younger than Charlie K, the clock is ticking. If Chuckles were to fall under a Blackpool tram, he would most likely be replaced by the Prince of Darkness, Simon Hughes (who has apparently been forced to swear a loyalty oath to the current leader). If Charlie survives until 2009/2010 and retires after the next election, the odds would have to be on the party choosing someone like Nick Clegg or Mark Oaten. Whatever happens, it won't be John H.

Enoch Powell (like John, an old boy of King Edward's School) said that all political careers ended in failure, but it is rare to see one go supernova quite so rapidly.


john said...

I am not one for stabbing people in the back. I am more inclined to go for full frontal attacks making it quite clear what I am doing.

On that basis you will not be surprised to know that I have not been briefing anonymously against Charles Kennedy. I know who Tony Greaves is referring to and it is not me.

There is a debate about the "orange book". My position is quite clear on this and shared by a majority of the party.

Elephunt said...

doesn't matter how many times I see that pic it just cracks me up