Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Illiberal Undemocrats

I'm indebted to that regular contributor, Anonymous, for a reminder that the local Lib Dems in Brum have form for cracking down on their internal dissidents.

Those of us who recall the heady summer days of the Hodge Hill by-election in 2004 will remember a small kerfuffle over the intriguing selection of Nokia Davies as their parliamentary candidate, despite her links to the mobile phone industry. The Liberal Democrat internal security apparatus swung into action and Martin Mullaney was out to tackle traitorous behaviour. In an email to other ideological enforcers, regarding action by dissident members
'Can we ensure that we take photos of all those that attend the 'wake' on Thursday. This is so we have enough evidence to expel any Liberal Democrat member that attends it. I personally won't be able to take any photos, since I'll be at Developement [sic] Control Committee, BUT will bring my camera for later on in the day.'

Next stop, the Orange Gulag. Or Sheldon, as we prefer to call it.

I still think we haven't heard the last of Cllr Hussain - he's got a few axes to grind yet.

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