Friday, September 23, 2005

'Let down' by the Liberal Democrats

'If the people who handled my donation were elected to run the economy, I would not be happy - it would be disastrous.'
Not a good comment from any party supporter. Even less impressive from a man who bankrolled almost half their election spending this year to the tune of some £2.4 million.

Now it seems that there might be problems with the legality of the donation. Under UK election law, corporate donations must be from a company trading in the UK. Michael Brown is based in Switzerland and his obscure company, 5th Avenue, does have registered offices with a law firm in the UK, but that may not be enough to qualify them as trading within the UK. The size of the donation was criticised at the time by the New Politics Network.
'When a hitherto unheard of company suddenly gives a political party millions of pounds, it is only right that we ask who they are. As it stands, this one company looks as if it funded at least half of the Liberal Democrats’ whole general election campaign.'

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