Monday, September 26, 2005

A little inconsistency


Chuckles was on Central on Sunday being interviewed about the Lib Dem conference. Unsurprisingly, he was asked about the Hemming September revolution that overthrew the capitalist lackeys who wanted to privatise the Royal Mail. I paraphrase, but Charlie's response was that if you ask people to take part in deciding policy, you can't complain when they speak up.

But it seems that Charlie CAN complain. Speaking to a fellow blogger, John revealed that he had been the subject of what is normally described as a full and frank exchange of views.

Hemming: "I can't tell you the bollocking I just got over that."
Recess Monkey: "Can you tell me who gave you the bollocking?"
Hemming: "No I can't tell you that either".
Recess Monkey: "But why should you get a bollocking? The party conference has endorsed your position - surely the leadership has to support you?"
Hemming: "Erm - I'll have to consult the party standing orders before I know what I can and can't say".

So Charlie wants to encourage debate, unless it proves embarrassing to the leadership, in which case he reserves the right to get somebody else to kick you around the conference centre.

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john said...

I did try to post the "gagged" photo into the comments section of Recess Monkey, but it filtered out the post.

The gag is getting a bit frayed anyway.