Monday, October 10, 2005

Defective councillors

You may have heard that the Labour Group on the City Council has lost a councillor - Cllr Arjan Singh has decided that he has found a 'kindred spirit' in the Tory leader, Cllr Mike Whitby.

Cllr Singh denies that he has been dropped from the list of approved candidates, but my sources suggest that deselection from his Handsworth Wood ward was not far away - we're into the selection season for next year's local elections, so this is entirely credible. A councillor who can't manage to attend half of the council, ward and party meetings isn't pulling his weight, so he should fit right in with the Tories.

What isn't credible is Cllr Singh's sudden loss of his faculties. I find it hard to believe that this man was ever able to sign up to the principles of the party.
During the press conference, Coun Singh said he believed the majority of people who voted for him in Handsworth Wood did so because of his “integrity” rather than because he was a Labour candidate.
Of course they did, Councillor. And let's just see how many of them back your integrity next May, 'cos I doubt that the Tories will find you a nice safe seat anywhere else in the City.

Continuing, Cllr Singh also revealed that Mike Whitless is
'someone who, like me, takes inspiration from the Lord and wishes to do good for the benefit of all.'
I've struggled to find evidence of Whitless doing very much at all, let alone good for the benefit of all, although he does seem to move in mysterious ways.
'Don’t be surprised if more Labour councillors follow my lead in the future. There was a recent leadership election and about a third of the group wanted a change of leader, so you can draw your own conclusions from that.'

OK, now if anyone seriously believes that the annual challenges to Sir Albert's leadership comes from the right of the party, then they need to have their political compass realigned. I would be VERY surprised if the next defection were to come from the Labour party.

The Tories have gained an ineffective councillor - like they need any more of those - and will lose the seat to Labour next May. Still, they got a press conference out of it. Now, if they were to put their efforts into running the city rather than poaching failed councillors, they might be able to achieve something. I'm not holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

Whoops, almost as bad as those LibDems losing Cllr. Hussain...

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