Saturday, October 01, 2005

Multiple organ failure

It really hasn't been a good year for the Tories and Liberal Democrats who currently run (in the loosest sense) our city. Actually, that's not entirely true - it's been a very poor year for those of us who have to live in our city under the control of this bunch of clowns (not including Mike Whitless, of course - who has the good sense to live in Sandwell). At least if they all wore outsized shoes and had silly red noses, then they'd give us a few laughs.

They've blown thousands on a pointless study of the prospects for developing a Birmingham underground system (and apparently want to spend a further £125,000 on another study, according to Cllr Zoe Hopkins) - a study that proves so politically embarrassing that they are scared to publish it, despite promises to the contrary. All they have achieved is delaying the extension of the Metro into the city centre. They've managed to ignore the results of an £85,000 study into plans to replace the Central Library, so probably killing the chances of getting a new library anytime in the next decade. Their vacillation has also delayed a £1 billion investment in our roads and footpaths.

And now, we find that the Royal College of Organists have scrapped their plans to move their headquarters to the old Curzon Street station. After years of planning and the promises of grant aid from the City Council, they've pulled out thanks to a funding shortfall. I rather suspect that this is not entirely the council's fault - the RCO was offered very generous terms to move to the City, but it exemplifies the problems that beset us with this bunch of fools at the helm. Indecision is a way of life in the council house these days and they are incapable of making decisions about major projects.

This is a broad malaise that doesn't yet affect most wards in the City, but it will. This is what the future holds unless Labour start making some inroads into the Liberal Democrats next year and the year after.

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