Friday, October 28, 2005

The Muppet Show

Apparently, this week, people actually paid good money to eat dinner with Liberal Democrat MPs. £200 apiece, no less. God knows why - they are usually so desperate for attention that they would be prepared to pay YOU to eat with them.

Still, that's surely better than taking £2.4 million from a foreign businessman, isn't it? This was the donation that funded half of the Liberal Democrats' election campaign from Michael Brown, who is apparently still wanted by police in Florida for breaching the terms of his probation over chequebook fraud.

At least the party was allowed to keep the money, otherwise they would have been in rather deep water and calling upon their resident millionaire MPs to cough up a little more, but it certainly seems that the smell of the money was too strong in their nostrils. Their idea of 'due diligence' in confirming a donor's status amounts to 'Are you a legitimate donor? Can you add a few more noughts onto that for us?'
While this may pass for a donation of a few quid, when it comes to £2.4 million, shouldn't the rules be a little tighter?

He does have some odd views - he promises to back the Liberal Democrats for as long as Charlie is in charge, as he backs people, not parties. Curiously, although he was funding an election campaign, he doesn't think that Chuckles is up to the job
'In time, Charles would make a good prime minister. But not now, I don’t think he’s ready..'
While he believes in Charlie (and if you stop believing in Charlie Kennedy, a little Liberal Democrat policy dies), he doesn't believe in
'the muppets who purport to serve him.'
Chuckles, meanwhile, is launching an internal investigation - hopefully more thorough than the one the party carried out into Mr Brown - while stressing that the Electoral Commission found nothing wrong with taking the money. Honest.

Still, there's hope for the only peer named after a cheap soft-porn magazine (apart from Baroness Emmeline Readers-Wives, of course). Lord Razzall may be interested in 'America's Next Muppet.'
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The Liberal Democrat front bench earlier today.


Anonymous said...

The electoral commission found nothing wrong with postal voting while sacks of postal votes ended up in a factory with muslim clients of Nu Labour filling them in. As for Mr Brown and his gift to the other criminal left ruling elite party, it was no worse than Zanu PF Labour droving their donors into the Lords in exchange for vaccine orders and other corrupt commercial tidbits, like letters to other heads of state recommending steel takeovers. Has there ever been such a corrupt British (Scotch) government?

Anonymous said...

Nurse! He's out of bed again.