Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Perry Barred

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. The fallout from Cllr Hussain's sacking and subsequent resignation from the party goes on as the regional party suspends the Perry Barr and Ladywood constituency Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal Democrats have discovered that a sudden rush of new members weren't inspired by Chuckles, still less by John H. Nor were they suddenly taken with a conversion to the Orange Book or even by the anti-war stance. No, this bunch were after a sniff of local power and the money that goes along with it. Not that such low principles would ever drive other politicians, of course.

The Labour Party aren't strangers to this problem, either - there are a number of branches still suspended around the City over similar concerns (and I wonder how many of Cllr Hussain's loyal band of followers previously held Labour Party membership cards?). Given this, you'll forgive me rubbing my hands in glee at the travails of the opposition.

Quote from Cllr Hussain (Independent, possibly-soon-to-be-Respect), describing the Aston selection as
'Unfair, unjust and undemocratic'
On the other hand, Cllr Dave Radcliffe (Liberal Democrat) says that in the Lib Dems
'there are no imposed short lists, and members are given the final say.'
Unless it doesn't suit the LD High Command, obviously.

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