Friday, October 14, 2005

Rumours from the Palace

Rumours abound that John 'One Term' Hemming has achieved much in his first few months as the MP for Yardley - a leadership bid, a very public affair and leading a conference rebellion, to name but a few. Thus, he has managed to enrage some very senior members of the parliamentary Liberal Democrat party to the point where they are now actively seeking vengeance.

As always, watch this space. It promises to be an interesting autumn term for Cllr Hemming.


Manfarang said...

The Pink Princess Fairytale Palace?

john said...

That's an interesting analysis from someone who is not actually a member of the Lib Dems.

Bob Piper said...

A bit like JH's analysis of the Labour Party and the Government... despite the fact that he is a member of neither, in fact.