Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shaken and disturbed.

Most people, when faced with public disclosure of how they shattered their marriage vows by being a serial adulterer and then went on to impregnate a young woman employee 19 years their junior would perhaps be a little embarrassed, contrite even.

But then most people aren't John 'Superstud' Hemming - for which relief, much thanks, oh Lord. But then most people aren't so desperate for publicity that they'll turn up at the opening of an envelope if there's a chance of a photo-opportunity - hence his Have I Got News For You/Private Eye- friendly series of pictures at the high-powered World Toilet Summit. (Write your own tagline - something about being flushed with success or watching his career going down the toilet).

Picture credit - John Hemming's blog

He's in the running for a new honour now - Love Rat of the Year. Surely it can't top his Rickard Prize at school? Nothing is proof against his need for publicity - any publicity will do. Nothing matters, except getting John's name in the headlines. Just like the original story, this one has John's fingerprints all over it - hell, he probably even nominated himself in this distasteful, grubby little contest.

In a sense, he's right. Name recognition is essential in winning a campaign, but I'm not sure that letting yourself be seen as equal to a bigamous car salesman is good for the image. One of the reasons that Cllr Hussain was unceremoniously dumped was that he was bringing the party into disrepute - I wonder if John's constituency party have any views on how he's dragging them through the mud. People already have a low view of politicians - they are the least-respected of all professions (apart from journalists) - and this behaviour just erodes that respect still further.

'People used to think of me as a bit of a geek,' he explained. 'But I now seem to have turned into some kind of James Bond character.'
Sorry about that folks, that last bit seems to be my fault.

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john said...

Most of the allegations about me are not actually true. But that in part is life.

At the end of the day what should matter are the key issues of politics.