Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Transports of despair

Is it any wonder that Birmingham residents think that the council is anti-public transport?

Mike Whitby continues to try and frustrate the expansion plans, this time by trying to change the route, so forcing a new public enquiry. Along with his LibDem lapdogs, they reckon that there are problems with running them along busy city streets - our local drunks may not cope with them. Trams run happily through the central entertainment area in Nottingham - I've staggered across the tracks a few times myself after taking refreshment in some of the bars with some colleagues. Two-way running along Broad Street isn't an option - it is a pre-requisite.

His partner in crime, Len Gregory, recently noted that many of the public contributions to the Congestion Task Force criticised bus lanes. Far be it from me to distrust a councillor, but I seem to recall that the council claimed public support for the new split-site library plan, a point of view not borne out by the public contributions to the scrutiny committee report. In any case, the dynamic 'Task Force' was trumpeted as a voice for motorists, not for those who need to use public transport. Alongside that, Len's announced a review of yellow lines (which will come as a relief to some councillors...

(Cheap shot, I know, but I couldn't resist that one - that's John H's Disco parked illegally in Brum a while back. Credit for the photo goes to a former Labour councillor who just happened to be passing as John was reading the paper. I've blurred out the reg and even the supplier's name for the sake of privacy. I'm nice like that.)

Never one to be left out, the new Liberal Democrat MP for Solihull is getting on the case and attacking the red route system, picking on a tiny anomaly to criticise the whole concept. If in doubt, pick on something petty just to get your name in the paper.

Despite their love for the car and motorists, Mr Toad and his mates can't sort out the PFI scheme for the roads in Birmingham and even that is descending into chaos with strike threats and one of the shortlisted bidders dropping out.

Life just gets better and better under the Tories/Lib Dems....


john said...

Being the cynic I am this might explain the photo I was sent of the Labour Yardley candidate illegally parked.

I was in fact loading a PA system I had bought from the music shop which is in that location in Smallbrook Queensway. This was not a "no loading" area.

However, I admit that I have been caught speeding and have paid some parking fines. What surprises me is that people find this worth photographing.

PoliticalHack said...

My (reliable) source indicates that you were reading the paper, rather than lugging PA kit from the store to your car.

You're a public figure, so your activities are bound to attract some interest. No matter how mundane they might be.

I've had this photo for ages, just couldn't find the right moment to use it. Our spies are everywhere! :-)

john said...

That's because the shop opened at 9.30 and the time was about 9.15am.

john said...

Please note that the times may be wrong. I basically turned up too early and waited to see someone open up the shop.

I have been caught parking illegally elsewhere, but on this occasion I was loading.

PoliticalHack said...

OK. This really isn't a big issue - our council is frozen into inactivity and we're debating illegal parking.

If you were waiting in a loading bay, then you were parked unlawfully. No ifs, buts or maybes. Parking regulations usually define loading as a continuous process, so if you had received a penalty notice, you would have had to pay.

Of course, on this occasion, you were lucky.