Saturday, October 22, 2005

You couldn't make it up, nr 463

My good lady has just received an invitation to the winter conference in Malvern and to a section entitled 'Making Politics Relevant to Women.'

Also down to attend is David Blunkett.

While we're talking about ridiculous characters, there's time to send best wishes and a welcome to the world to Isabel Cox/Hemming, born to Emily on Wednesday (can't help wondering if that's why John missed the vote against ID cards on Tuesday evening - the one where the government only scraped through by 32 votes). Of course, if some others had turned up, then things could have been different.

It is heartwarming to see that John's wife has got over her initial, erm, disappointment at the revelation of the affair and is now "there if Emily needs any help."Back in June, her response was a little different..

'This has obviously caused a lot of upset and heartache. I feel betrayed and hurt. I think this sort of thing sends out a disgraceful moral message. So many problems in society are caused by single parents and the breakdown of the family and while John is obviously very concerned with improving peoples' lives he has only added to the problem... I think she took advantage of him... she is now in a position where she can make our life very difficult for us.'

Ah well. Genuine best wishes to Emily, John and Isabel in any case.

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john said...

I spoke to the Labour rebels about the ID vote and was told that the government was not likely to lose. I then discussed the matter with Emily who wanted me present for her giving birth and hence I remained in hospital in Birmingham.
This was agreed with the party whips.

Interestingly some people thought she had given birth because I was not present for the vote. They were right. I did turn up for the Clare Short debate on Friday.