Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Back of the net, Cllr Hemming

So, on the day that the government suffers the most important parliamentary defeat since 1997, what preoccupies John Hemming, the MP with his finger on the pulse of the nation?

Locking up suspected terrorists for three months?


Whether the government have earmarked a day for celebrating the possibility of England bringing the World Cup back from Germany next year.

Not surprisingly, no plans have yet been made for this event - largely because the current air traffic control system is ill-equipped to deal with airborne porcines on that scale.

Well, that's £134 well spent.

For those of you who are counting, inane questions like this from Cllr Hemming have racked up a bill of £16,684 since he was elected in May. If he carries on at this rate and this parliament runs to a full term, he'll end up costing us over £168,000 in questions alone. By the way, he still has by far the worst voting record of any Birmingham MP (including Sutton Coldfield), having only managed to make 51% of divisions in the house (599th out of 645 MPs, as a matter of fact, according to the Public Whip). I'll knock out an end of term report nearer Christmas for the lot of 'em.

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john said...

It is a "well known fact" that I was in the Womens Hospital with my girlfriend rather than voting on the ID bill (with the whips permission). That plus one other day adds up to 13 divisions.

I have also abstained (either in accordance with the party's position or otherwise) on a number of divisions.

OTOH on the day the government lost I voted against them. On the day the government survived by 1 vote - I voted against them.

At the end of the day my objective is one of achieving political change. I would argue the case that I have achieved more impact (silent calls, energy, endowment mortgages etc) than any other newly elected MP.