Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Charles Clarke apologises

Not for continuing to plan to lock people up for three months without charge, but for the ludicrous survey sent out last week.

Finally, I would like to apologise for the questionnaire which was attached to the message that I sent out to party supporters on Friday. It was not intended to gauge public opinion but to start a political debate around the proposals currently being debated in Parliament. Many people have raised with me perfectly valid concerns about how the questions were drafted. I can only say that I share those concerns and give my assurance that questions of this type will not used in the future.
Thanks for the apology for insulting my intelligence - although I'm not convinced that it was designed to start a debate.

Now, can we talk about this detention thing?

The answer would appear to be no.

On the up side, the proposals now insist that a High Court judge gets to review the case every seven days, that some of the definitions will be drawn more tightly and the act will expire after twelve months unless MPs vote to continue it.

I'm not moving, even if MPs do.

90 days is still wrong.

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Anonymous said...

90 days defeated!!!