Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fairytale policy making

I wasn't expecting Charlie Kennedy to come out and back Labour's tax policies. In an interview in the Guardian today, Charlie - with Vince Cable holding his hand after the council tax debacle during the campaign - compared the tax policies of the three major parties to
Goldilocks' three bears, with the Tories too cold on tax, his own party too hot, and Labour in the middle
Not for the first time, I sought advice on Liberal Democrat policies from my children, who confirmed that according to Goldilocks, if the Tories are too cold, the Liberal Democrats too hot, then Labour must be just right.

While this sounds the death knell for the higher tax plans of the Liberal Democrats - although Vince Cable seems determined to hang on to the plans for the 50% tax rate for high earners. Rather as forecast, this is the first of the vote-losing Liberal Democrat policies to bite the dust, with more possible as this paragraph reveals:
It may also stand by controversial pledges to drop student tuition fees, replace council tax with local income tax, and extend free personal care to the elderly in England - all mocked as hopelessly unrealistic and "middle-class welfare" by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. [My emphasis added]
As Kennedy notes, tough choices need to be made. One thing remains true though, if the Liberal Democrats are looking to fairytales for policy decisions, their future certainly looks Grimm.

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