Thursday, November 03, 2005

Is this real life or is it just fantasy

No escape from reality indeed, even as I step well outside the usual meandering ambit of this blog.

It seems that the EastEnders scripts are bleeding across into reality. Except that nobody would dare write this into a drama. This goes straight to the top of the 'You Couldn't Make it Up' pile.

So, we have Rebekah Wade, who edits the largest-circulation tabloid in the country, and her husband, Ross Kemp - who is allegedly an actor - who spend the early part of Thursday evening with the PR guru Matthew Freud and his wife Elisabeth Murdoch (daughter of Rupert, Rebekah's employer). Thereafter, the Wade/Kemp duo head off for drinks with the man of the moment, disgraced minister David Blunkett. Thoroughly refreshed, they head off home. In the wee small hours, the Met are called to deal with a domestic discussion that turned a little rough and end up arresting Rebekah, while Ross refuses medical attention for a cut lip. A few hours later, the girlfriend of Steve McFadden is then arrested on suspicion of assaulting him (coincidentally).


Both women have now been released without charge.

Ironically, the Sun have been running a campaign against domestic violence and Rebekah was due to appear this afternoon at the Women of the Year lunch.

Ever get the feeling that there's more to this story than meets the eye?

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