Thursday, November 24, 2005

Own goal

Top marks to Birmingham City Council.

A tornado rips through one of the poorest areas of our city and the council eventually responded, even arranging a royal visit to the area.

Of course, they didn't feel it was appropriate for the Lord Mayor to lead an appeal on behalf of these local people, although Birmingham Foundation have since stepped in and raised £50,000 straight off. On the other hand, an earthquake in Kashmir prompted an unceremonious dash to launch a fund (not with an eye on those lovely votes at all).

Now, these people, many of whom can't afford house insurance, have been lumbered with average bills of £1800 to pay for the scaffolding supporting their houses. Excellent work from the 'progressive partnership' - the buzz-phrase used to describe the Liberal Democrat/Tory administration that is supposed to be in charge of our city.


1 comment:

Clifford said...

'many of whom can't afford house insurance'

Really? It is not very expensive. How about 'many of those who took a gamble on the need for house insurance - and lost'