Thursday, November 03, 2005

Toryboy II

An interesting experiment on BBC 1 tonight - a debate between Davids Cameron and Davis over the Tory leadership. This is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the ballot opens tomorrow for the leadership, so this is a big chance for the candidates to set out their stalls. The other issue is whether this will increase the pressure for a similar debate between the party leaders at the next general election and certainly between candidates for the leadership of the Labour Party.

It is probably most important for Davis, who started out as the favourite, but has slipped back in recent weeks and is now playing catch-up.

In terms of presentation, Cameron started streets ahead. Davis does have a habit of mumbling and his voice is a touch too low, while Cameron speaks strongly and clearly. Cameron also looks more like a leader - even down to his dominant handshake, where he grasped Davis' upper arm as they shook hands.

As the debate has gone on, Davis is coming out more strongly - Guido Fawkes reports that he has received extensive coaching for this event - and it shows. He's increasing in confidence and his strength on issues and policy is showing. Cameron's actually looking fazed by some of the questions and 'waffling.'

I'd give that one to Davis as a points victory.

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