Sunday, December 04, 2005

Government of all the talentless

Following on from the piece in the Times a few weeks back, noting the gentle moves towards convergence that seem to be afflicting the Liberal Democrats and the Tories (with which students of local government across the country are increasingly familiar), there seems to be real discussion about the options, with Chuckles being questioned on the matter again on Sky. (Hat tip to Bob for the first piece, by the way)

Mark Oaten has also pledged that the party would work with Labour and/or the Tories as appropriate, but not at the expense of its principles (if anyone can find any LibDem principles, I'd be more than grateful).

In any case, there was more about party funding revealed in the Times today.

It seems that the case of the £2.4 million received from a man on the run from the Florida police and Chuckles' forgetting to declare £30,000 worth of free flights aren't the only example of dodgy practices by the Liberal Democrats - who trade on their squeaky clean image. Now, it appears that Charlie's office has been funded to the tune of £125,000 (half of the total funding over the past four years) by Paul Church and his wife (donating under her maiden name, for some reason). He hasn't lived in the country for two decades and the donations have been funnelled through a UK company, which has no UK phone number and no employees.

Yet again, the Electoral Commission is going to ask the party to confirm that Church is a permissible donor - just like last time.

Nice and sleazy does it every time.

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