Sunday, December 11, 2005

Making life taste sour

In the past, I've made clear my views on the vocal minority that is Christian Voice. I can summarise it thus.

I can understand why a small cancer charity would surrender to their blackmailing threats, but when it comes to the big boys like Sainsburys and Woolworths and sales of the Jerry Springer - The Opera DVDs, I'm stunned as to why they gave in to this group of Christian Talebani, particularly as Sainsburys have received a whopping ten (count 'em - thats 10) complaints. This is the group that believes that the destruction wrought upon New Orleans is attributable to God's retribution for a gay event taking place at the time rather than a freakish meteorogical event compounded by under-investment in flood prevention schemes.

To be honest, it isn't great art. I watched it and thought the first act had some good laughs, but the second one dragged a bit, but that's no reason to censor it because of a tiny minority. Remember that the membership of this group runs into the hundreds, not thousands and there are plenty more groups more representative than Christian Voice.

I'm deeply offended by the bile and hatred poured out through Christian Voice's website, but I've yet to complain to their ISP to censor their views, because freedom of speech means that you have the right to be offended.

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Manfarang said...

Britain has a great diversity of Churches and religious belief. Christian Voice shows the need not for censorship but separation of Church and State.The old feudal links need doing away with. The Church of England should be disestablished.