Friday, December 16, 2005

They're coming home...

Dishy Davey Cameron has made an appeal to disaffected Liberal Democrats to join a 'modern, progressive' party. Apparently, he was referring to the Tories.

So come on then, let's be 'avin you - all those yellow Tories, those blue-rinsed Liberals, get on over to Dave's place. He's even given you a website, which is eternally hopeful in bringing stray Liberal Democrats to the Tory cause - it even shows Simon Hughes crossing the floor. Come on, you Birmingham Liberal Democrats who followed your leader in loyally supporting Whitless' bunch of incompetents - do the decent thing and show your true colours.

You aren't the only Tories in the village, so come out, say 'I'm Tory and I'm proud.'

Scrub that - judging by the Tory vote across most of Birmingham in recent years, you might be the only Tories left.

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