Monday, January 02, 2006

Back Kennedy, urges Hughes - for now

Another show of support from a leader-in-waiting - this time from Simon Hughes, who emerged from a holiday in Wales long enough to tell us that
'It really isn't acceptable for the complainers to keep complaining when the water was tested before Christmas and the majority view was that Charles should stay on.'
He suggested that issues might resurface later - 'once we've seen real votes in real ballot boxes' in the local elections - but said he had a message for the rebels: 'Please, not until then.'
Even Alan Beith has his doubts and added that the new year brings an opportunity to assess whether with the changes forecast in the other parties, Chuckles
'is really there and ready to take us through to the next election with the really considerable effort that's going to be required'
Oh dear, poor old Charlie. The clock is definitely counting down now - can he make it to May?

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