Thursday, January 12, 2006

Campbell in the soup

Is that the best he can do?

The Minger must have expected a difficult first PMQ session as Lib Dem leader, but he was slapped down by the PM this afternoon in a quite spectacular manner. The Labour benches were wholeheartedly behind the leader and he was charging at the Liberal Democrats with a new spring in his step. Why did he ask a question about schools not being able to recruit headmasters? He gifted that to Tony and he was never going to miss the chance to pour vinegar into the open wound of the leadership contest. Simon Hughes was no better and Tony just seemed disappointed that Mark Oaten chose to cower in the TV studio, rather than face the baying hounds in the chamber. That performance has opened the leadership contest up just a little bit more.

Elephunt points out that having Liberal Democrats in charge of your schools can lead to repair costs increasing. As other councils around them slash their outstanding repair costs by fixing and replacing buildings, Liverpool City Council have actually increased the amount of outstanding repairs by a whopping £15 million in a year.

There's also a hint that Chris Huhne might stand and an expectation that Simon Hughes will announce his candidacy on Thursday. Iain Dale also reports an exchange between Andrew Neil and Mark Oaten, when Neil repeated another Lib Dem MP's comment that 'Mark Oaten can be summed up in four words: unlimited ambition, limited talent.' Quick as a flash, Oaten shot back, 'That's more than four words.'

Stunning, the lot of 'em. And they dumped Chuckles for one of these? He was a better leader pissed than these are sober.

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