Saturday, January 07, 2006

Charlie calls it a day

From yesterday's statement that he wasn't going to be resigning this weekend, Charlie has reversed in under twenty-four hours and announced that he isn't going to stand in the leadership election, thus freeing up the campaign for all and sundry to run.

...and Ming Campbell is first out of the traps at 3:48 today.

This really hasn't reflected well on the Liberal Democrats, who have long traded on an image as the 'nice' party and the party not like the others. They've been shown up as at least as conniving and backstabbing as the rest of 'em. Last year, there was pressure on Charlie to resign over political issues - a perceived lack of leadership. That heightened, with increased briefing by his opponents in the run up to the New Year, but this week, it became apparent to the enemy within that Charlie wasn't going to go gracefully or easily, so they opted for the nuclear option and dropped the alcoholism story into the press.

Perhaps the Tories aren't the nasty party after all.

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Hughes Views said...

Now we learn why the Minger stared straight ahead whenever Charlie was asking the PM a question (mind you I have a little sympathy; most of them were unbelievably turgid).

But you're wrong about the Tories! They're still v. nasty but now we know that the L-Ds are too....