Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cheap Shots (Pt 2)

More emphasis should be placed on warning boys to control their sexual urges in order to reduce pregnancies among teenage girls, the politician in charge of Birmingham schools has suggested. Les Lawrence said too much time was taken up by schools telling young women to act responsibly, while boys were largely left alone and not given the same level of advice.

'One of the easiest ways to cut teenage pregnancies is to get young boys to say no. If they could control themselves and control their hormones the problem would be largely eradicated.'

Cllr Hemming was not available for comment.

In other news, the assortment of liberated lovers that have recently adorned our front pages may have an excuse. It seems that sex reduces your stress levels and can help with public speaking (although carnal activity during a parliamentary speech is still likely to be ruled out of order by the Speaker).

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