Saturday, January 07, 2006

Georgeous George TV

I will admit to being stunned when I heard that George Galloway was to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, which started on Thursday night on Channel Four. I was stunned that any elected politician would think that his case would be advanced by spending a couple of weeks with a bunch of C-listers like this lot. If he'd wanted to spend time with a load of clowns, he should have joined the Liberal Democrats.

Europhobia is suitably vitriolic about Galloway, who has one of the worst attendance records in parliament. He's only ahead of the Sinn Fein MPs (who haven't taken the oath, so don't attend the House) and the late Rachel Squire, who had terminal cancer. He's missed votes because of important party business - like his stage show 'An Audience with George Galloway,' which was canvassing support in that centre of Respect electorate that is Cork, when he should have been voting on the anti-terrorism bill, something of real interest to his constituents. At least he's raising some money, although some people are concerned at the destination. On the other hand, somebody reminds us that every second in the BB House is a time not spent doing the job for which he continues to be paid. (Ta, Antonia)

But perhaps we shouldn't be that surprised, as George is a member of the school of political thought that believes that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. He's a publicity whore, pure and simple and he'll take any opportunity offered him.

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