Friday, January 27, 2006

Get back to the kitchen, woman

Read Lowri Turner's views and wonder how she gets paid to write that stuff. (Thanks to Brett Lock).

Apparently, gay men aren't suited to high office because they can't understand the needs of parents. Aside from the many gay men and lesbians who care for children, doesn't this logic also disqualify the childless? What about the ability of men to represent women, or vice versa?

But it is all right, really - she has many gay friends. Apparently, their biggest worry is what colour sofa they should have. Lowri - for many straight couples, that can be the biggest concern as well.

Politics and civil leadership is about a damn sight more than what you do with your genitals and you should be able to relate to people from a whole range of backgrounds and life experiences and represent them all equally.

Next week, she'll tell us that black people have a really great sense of rhythm, so should stick to making music.

Lowri, get back to what you do best - presenting cheap daytime TV - and leave the thinking to the grown-ups with more than one braincell.

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