Saturday, January 07, 2006



After a short hiatus, the MP for Yardley has resurfaced from his unusual silence and he has news for us.

John is considering running - in the name of giving the party choice. As always on this blog, we stand behind John in his campaign for leadership - I'm always game for a laugh.

He points out that PoliticalBetting have shortened the odds on him winning - he's down to just 50-1, which has to be worth a fiver of anyone's money. I'll be putting a small wager on it - all profits to the Labour Party funds, of course. Ming Campbell is still the runaway favourite and I believe that William Hill have already closed the betting on the leadership.

John - go for it.

(But Random Perspective suggests a new contender for the leadership - one K Clarke, late of the Tory Party. Thanks to Elephunt for the link and the giggle.)

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John Hemming For Leader said...

Do not underestimate the formidable political operator that is John Hemming. An unofficial campaign blog has been established at - all those who share our view that John Hemming is the ideal candidate to be leader of the Liberal Democrats should visit and voice their support without delay!