Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hughes Sorry Now?

On BBC Radio Five this afternoon, Simon Hughes was with the rest of the nonentities currently vying to lead the Liberal Democrats into oblivion. He apologised if he had unintentionally misled people.

No, Simon. You lied. You denied homosexuality repeatedly. You didn't dodge the question, you denied it. I'm not going to split hairs about how gay or not he is - that isn't the point. This was a personal matter and should have been left as such, but your denials make you look shifty.

By the way, I've had some very interesting names put forward as potential Liberal Democrat turncoats. I doubt we'll see any move on that until March, when the new leader is hoisted onto the platform, but if it is Hughes, there are three reasonably well known LibDems who might be heading off to their real political home. (I say reasonably, but I mean people that you might have heard of even if you aren't a sad political anorak)

Here's another question for the Liberal Democrats. A couple of weeks ago - seems more like years - there were a number of candidates for the top job, including our own John Hemming and Mark Oaten. John Hemming was denied the right to speak at a LD event in London, as it was claimed that he lacked the number of signatures to nominate him, but Mark Oaten was then allowed to make his case. It has since come to light that Oatcakes didn't have the nominations required either, so why was John refused this national (televised) platform to make his case for the leadership.

We should be told.


Elephunt said...

I caught the Goon Show on Radio 5 this afternoon too.I'm amazed Simon Hughes had the bottle to turn up after his lies of recent days.

Have to admit I was surprised at how deflated all the candidates sounded.If that's the best of the best it's safe to assume the Lib Dems are on the slide, big time.

Moseley Blogger said...

Charlie is looking better all the time... particularly in light of the shambolic performances put on by every one of the contenders. I am not convinced that any of them can actually lead a party, let alone contribute substantively to national debates. This also tells me, in retrospect, that they don't know how to conduct themselves as a party, which explains why Charlie got the chop in the first place.