Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sing if you're glad to be gay (or we'll publish anyway)

So Simon Hughes has admitted to homosexual relationships.

Anyone care? No? Didn't think so.

It really isn't going to affect his chances of winning the Liberal Democrat leadership - they are a party built on their tolerance of personal proclivities and society has moved on from when the witchhunt surrounded Jeremy Thorpe.

The questions we might want to ask are why he specifically denied it in recent interviews and why he chose today to out himself in the Sun, that paper famous for its support for the Liberal Democrats?

There are a couple of possible answers. Firstly, there's the good old 'We've got you bang to rights and we're going to run this story, but give us your side and we won't' - which is what usually gives us some footballer confessing to his drink or drugs hell. The other is that this is Hughes outing himself before another paper runs a more damaging story in the hope of killing the impact. [UPDATE: Trevor Kavanagh reveals all....]

The problem for me is simple - why deny it? Why not just say that your private life is your private life and isn't open for public discussion? Why go to the lengths of saying that you are not, have never been and have no intention of being homosexual?

To borrow from Blackadder 'It's the lying that hurts...'

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zoe hopkins said...

It does seem like an odd way to go public with this. That said, after Kennedy and Oaten, going public before someone else it does it for you would seem to be the best option.