Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mr Flippy

Painting John Kerry as a 'flip-flopper' didn't do him any good, so Tony and the gang are trying the same trick with Dishy Dave. They are getting some help from the Tories, to be honest.

Firstly, there's been the wholesale running away from the last election manifesto, which has been conveniently brushed under the carpet. Things like the proposals to offer private patients public funding have been abandoned by Cameron - forgetting that he's the one who took a year to write the bloody manifesto.

Yesterday, Cameron laid claim to being a 'liberal Conservative' and told voters in Dunfermline that the Tories were anti-war (bit late to jump aboard the bandwagon, Dave - at least Chuckles had the decency to be on that from the start, even if Ming didn't get on until a couple of stops down the road).

Today, the shadow-chancellor, Gideon Osborne tells us that they've realised that Prescott is right and we actually need to build on the green belt. Naturally, this is driven by a change in philosophy and nothing to do with the fact that first-time buyers know how the market works - increase supply and prices usually drop.

Cameron has clearly learnt from the LibDems - tell the audience what they want to hear and set the right mood. Worry about the policies later.

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