Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shot across the bows

The NeoToryism from Dishy Davey Cameron (who has taken advantage of the Labour government's paternity leave - just the sort of social change that was opposed by the Tories in years gone by) has generated a little criticism from within his party.

Nothing to panic about, but a couple of their major donors have sounded warning bells - Stuart Wheeler, the betting magnate, has criticised the move away from selection, although he did add that he thought that Cameron would be an excellent leader. Lord Kalms, the founder of Dixons, was similarly loyal, but wanted promises of tax cuts to come and there are other rumblings from the right of the party.

Cameron can't afford to offend the moneymen and the news that a pledge of £250,000 has been withdrawn in response to Cameron's centrism isn't good, but perhaps he wants to spark a fight with the rightwing of the party - people like the Cornerstone Group. This could be the Militant movement of the Tory Party and firm action against this bunch (who even claim to have their own whip) would demonstrate the control that Cameron needs to have over the party. Blair has always gained brownie points from the electorate by standing up to his own party and this could be a path for Cameron to follow.

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