Thursday, February 16, 2006

That pain in your back, Chris? That's a knife.

I guess that Chris' former mates on the Orange Book side of the party are throwing everything into the campaign to elect Ming, 'cos today's article in the Times brings up some embarrassing matters - Chris' university article in defence of drug use and the rampaging cost of his tax proposal, some £21 billion. PoliticalBetting's market analysis gives Huhne the edge at the moment, but not by much over Ming. Hughes seems to be dead in the water, despite his poll showing that he had the most support amongst the LD electorate, forgetting that only actual members get to vote.

There's also an interesting article from the Scotsman about the Dunfermline by-election, which just goes to show that the Liberal Democrat by-election machine is the slickest in the business and the envy of the Tories and Labour. They know that by-elections are weird creatures, particularly in government-held seats. Turnout will be typically hugely lower, so turning out your own vote is crucial, but also key is remembering a political mantra that should be framed over the desk of every politician - 'all politics is local.' They will fight the campaign on local issues and always fight it as the opposition - even when they are in power locally, or in partnership in the Scottish Executive.

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Elephunt said...

I'm amazed other parties haven't cottoned on to the simplicity of how to win a by election yet. I believe some of the Labour stuff in Dunfermline highlighted Labour's record on the economy ,as if that's going to have Labour supporters queuing at the polls in a by election.

It's not as if we haven't had Brent East,Leicester,Hodge Hill,Hartlepool and now Dunfermline to learn a few things.