Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another difficult day at the office

Poor old Tony - he's staggering from one 'most difficult week of his premiership' to another.

There's no danger of the Education Bill falling - that's a racing certainty - but it may only pass because of Tory votes. They've tried to convince Labour MPs that voting against the Bill would be a sin for which the parliamentary party would never be forgiven by the country at large.

The bill has certainly been watered down, but it is impossible to over-estimate how important education is to the Labour Party. It has always been crucial to the Labour identity and principles to want to provide the best possible education for all - an attempt to level the playing field with those who can afford the luxury of private education. Any bill that is opposed by such rebels as Neil Kinnock and Estelle Morris has to be in trouble.

I'm still concerned about removing schools from local authority control - I'm not convinced that the LEAs are responsible for stifling innovation in school - and I'd like to see selection removed from the equation altogether. I loathe the current games that some schools play to keep the bright kids and maintain high exam performance and the fact that some parents actually temporarily rent property close to the school of their choice just to ensure that their children get in just proves that choice is only for the wealthy and those who know how to play the system.

It still needs some work, but it is probably worth a second reading.

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Hughes Views said...

Fortunately, if the ICM poll in the Guardian today is correct, the punters don't seem to care as much as the political hacks do about allegedly difficult weeks!