Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bald man wins comb

The final winner of the Lib Dem leadership scrap was Sir Ming - a fact that has undoubtedly brought joy to Chuckles Kennedy - watch out for his face when he was applauding the new leader, 'stony' doesn't even begin to describe his expression. More importantly, Ming won by a fairly decent majority, getting 57% of the vote (including Hughes' second preference) - not quite as close as most people had it (including me).

The Orangistas must be very happy - they know that Sir Ming's claims of being ready to fight two elections are just pie in the sky. Remember that the general prognosis for his heart condition is around 50% survival at five years - they'll be lucky to make it to 2009/10. Nick Clegg and Sarah Teather can get on with their grand plan to be ready to step in if ill-health prevents Ming from leading the party into oblivion.

Note that the same people (Ming and others) who were demanding Chuckles' head on a plate a few weeks back were cheerleading the applause for his successes in the past two elections (yes, I mean you, Simon Hughes). These were also the people who called for him to stand down last year because he hadn't done enough.

And as for Ming's victory speech. Zzzzzzz. I've not heard such a collection of banalities and platitudes since... ooohhh... since Tuesday. And someone please tell him that he can't do jokes.

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