Monday, March 06, 2006

Cheek by Jowell


Maybe I'm too cynical, but isn't the whole separation thing a little, errm, convenient? Then again, if he has stitched her up, you'd expect nothing less than a little domestic froideur.

Trouble is, the truth isn't important - the overriding belief will be that she has resigned from her family to spend more time with her ministry (Copyright everybody). The whole thing is still rather messy and there may be more to come out. I'm not sure that this will save Tessa.


Jo said...

And you're basing your assumptions on an intimate friendship with the family? Because you overheard them talking? They split up. Couples split up all the time. Why is this case suddenly an excuse to be so flipping nasty?

PoliticalHack said...

I'm assuming nothing and sadly, I can't rely on contacts that good for information.

I can't help what my first thoughts were - remember that Robin Cook was told to make an instant decision about the future of his marriage in order to manage the media response. I'd also suggest that my response was exactly that of many others from all sides of the political spectrum.

I think that it is entirely credible that they've broken up over this case and the related stress. I'm not being nasty about Tessa Jowell - she's actually quite well-liked.

Richard Allen said...

Personally I think that she should go. I can accept that she maybe innocent of any wrongdoing but if that is the case she is hopelessly naive and shouldn't be in such a position of authority.

It is however to her credit that she will probably survive because unlike other cabinet ministers involved in such scandals she still has friends and colleagues who are willing to fight for her.

Anonymous said...

We used to have marriage of convenience, now we have divorce of convenience!