Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Internal problems

Rumblings are afoot amongst Liberal Democrats in Birmingham.

Desperate to secure his home power-base, Cllr Hemming has parachuted yet another one of his mates into the key target seat of Moseley. Increasingly, it looks like one of the prime qualifications for getting a LD nomination is to live within B13. Ernie Hendricks - who also works for John's parliamentary office - has been given the nod over the local favourite Zaman Khan, who has campaigned in the ward over a number of years and stood in both 2004 and the 2005 by-election. He's a decent type, who has been working hard on reconstruction projects following the Kashmir earthquake, but has still been pushed out to help one of John's favourites.

Local Liberal Democrats are deeply unhappy at the outcome of the 'selection process' - but why should they be surprised. John seems to be on a mission to quell opposition within his party.


john said...

Ernie Hendricks was brought up and lives in Moseley so he is well qualified to stand. Zaman decided he didn't want to stand.

Radders said...

The selection was open to all (approved) members in the city and the selection was carried out at a members meeting in November!
John's membership resides in Yardley. On this occassion we opened the process up to all members in the new Moseley ward (rather than use the current local party boundary based on the old constituency boundary's). But John decided not to take this up (so wasn't there to "influence" the vote.

PoliticalHack said...

And of course, John has to be there to influence events. I'm sure that he has his lieutenants to do that for him.

I'm sure that Ernie is qualified to stand - although being brought up and living in the ward you are contesting isn't a pre-requisite, is it?

Anonymous said...

At least Hemming can't get Ernie Hendrix pregnant!