Thursday, March 23, 2006

Moseley Shoals

More curiousities from the home of Birmingham Liberal Democrats, Moseley B13 (unlucky for some).

When I commented that there had been ructions in the local LibDems over their candidate selection, a couple of councillors were swift to rebut my claims and told us that Ernie Hendricks had been selected as the mate of Hemming candidate back in November. Curiously, even a couple of weeks ago, leaflets were being sent out by the local LD team which didn't even mention their candidate, let alone have a picture.

Name recognition is important in elections - there are a surprising number of voters who go into the booth and vote for the name they recognise, hence the view amongst politicians that any publicity is good publicity. So, from fairly early on, candidates will be given equal billing with any serving councillors - usually as a campaigner or something like that. Photo opportunities will ensure that the candidate gets his mug in the leaflet on a regular basis, usually proving the adage that politics is showbiz for ugly people.

Oddly, this hasn't been happening in the leafier parts of Moseley. I've also seen a letter sent to constituents last year which merely asks them to vote Liberal Democrat without naming the candidate (Zaman Khan).

Surely they can't be afraid that petty racism will affect their vote?


john said...

Last year there were three elections with Sparkbrook and Selly Oak Parliamentary Candidates and Moseley Local Government. Hence some leaflets could not name the candidate as the candidate(s) varied.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, that's just rubbish. The letter in question specifically referred to the MKH by-election and stated that you could elect a third Liberal Democrat councillor. It had nothing to do with the General Election.

Why didn't it mention Zaman as the candidate, what had you got to hide?

Louis said...

Unfortunately petty racism does indeed seem to affect the vote in Moseley, at least if you take a look at the results of the election in the year when the boundaries were redrawn (2004?). In that year each of the three major parties put up an ethnic minority candidate and in each case they polled less votes than their two white colleagues from the same party, allowing Labour to steal the third seat after the Lib Dems took the first two.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't justify the Lib Dems pandering to it by 'hiding' their candidates. They should hang their heads in shame.