Thursday, March 02, 2006


It is a trial when you have to be all things to all people. Sarah Teather is on Question Time at the moment praising her new leader and she's suggested that the Minger led opposition to the Iraq War. When Dimbles said that Ming had wanted Kennedy to hold back from the anti-war march, she said that was untrue. Dimbles came right back at her, reminding her that it WAS true - he knew, because Ming had said as much on QT a few weeks back. Do keep up, Sarah.

Nick Clegg, the poster-boy for the right wing of the party, said that Ming was qualified to lead -
'He has also got resilience, and I knew that, but I'm glad that came out in the campaign. Just look at what was thrown at him in the last few weeks.'

Apart from the self-inflicted damage of his poor public speaking performances, I'm not aware of anything being flung at Ming in the past few weeks. There was far worse hurled at Huhne and Hughes (and we won't discuss what was thrown at Oaten). Ming got off VERY lightly.

William Hill have already opened a book on how long Ming will last in the job.

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Bob Piper said...

Surely that was just a slip of the tongue, he was really talking about Hughes. He was the one who 'came out in the campaign' and had lots of things thrown at him. Unless Ming did too and I missed it.